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Love Inspiration “Self-Disclosure In Relationship” July Edition Vol. 1 – Fiefa Micah

Love Inspiration “Self-Disclosure In Relationship” July Edition Vol. 1 - Fiefa Micah

JULY 2019 EDITION VOLUME I: LOVE INSPIRATION (Singles and Married Forum), with Fiefa Micah, lead pastor of Christ Love Global Church, at Former Renny’s Building, Beside National Identity Management Office, Hospital Road, Yenagoa – Nigeria.

Excellent Day People!

It is imperative to be open minded in a relationship which intend is to build a future together. Love is more than the words. It is an action that reflects the mind of an individual. Loving someone is easy and simple, keeping that love together forever takes a life time building, working out and maintaining without withholding any grudges or information that may be a threat to that relationship. Nowadays, a lot of individuals keep certain information about their past or life style from their partners. This has become a norm in the society which is one of the reasons for the alarming rate of divorce in the world today.


This is a process of communication by which a partner reveals certain information which includes thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes, fears, dreams, aspirations, strength, weakness etc. It is a necessary tool to enhance or preserve a relationship. This is an important building block for intimacy in relationship. Disclosures that talk about the experience of success or failure and previous sexual relationships have a greater influence on relationship satisfaction and trust is initiated. The level of self-disclosure can be predictive of a successful and long lasting relationship, however, this disclosure can’t be one-sided otherwise individuals will not feel close to their partner.


  • Releases an imprisoned mind from the past
  • Creates intimacy & bonding in relationship
  • Build trust in relationship
  • Eliminates the fear of the unknown
  • Enable a successful & lasting relationship


  • Be open minded
  • Speak the truth always
  • Let go the past
  • Understand each other
  • Be the help in time of need


Dear heavenly father, I am open to love with the whole of my heart, my past is over. Help me to live right and speak the truth always in Jesus name, Amen.


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