June Edition Volume 3: Love Inspiration ‘Types of Love’

Types of Love
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Pastor Fiefa Micah: Love Inspirations June Edition Volume 3 – Types of Love


Love is a state of being simple. I’m yet to meet a man or woman who doesn’t want to be loved. The question I want to ask is how many are willing to show the same love they crave so much for? The bible says the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts (Romans 5:5). Love should be your motivation in anything you do; without love, life will be incomplete for God is love.

Five types of love that everyone should know;

AGAPE: God’s kind of love:

Agape love is a selfless love, the unconditional love of God towards mankind. This is the kind of love you give without expecting anything back in return, reflected in all charitable acts. It is that compassionate love that makes us sympathizes with help and connect to people we don’t know.

Example: A person that finds joy in giving to others without expecting anything back in return.

PHILIA: Love of the mind:

This kind of love is also known as platonic or brotherly love. It is a kind of love you show to your brother or a good friend. Philia exist when people share the same values with someone & the feeling is mutual or reciprocated.

Example: A mutual understanding between two good friends or relative.

EROS OR EROTIC: Sexual love

Eros is taken from a Greek word Erotic – which represent a Greek god of love  and sexual pleasures or desires. It is defined as a divine beauty or lust and based on sexual attraction.

Example: A young & woman that meets & immediately feels attracted &lustful, towards one another. Some people refer to it as love at first sight.

PRAGMA: Enduring Love:

This is the true love between a married couple which develop over a long period of time. It is the strongest form of love; a true commitment towards one another that comes naturally understanding. It includes true commitment, understanding, compromise and tolerance. This kind of love grows over time between two lovers (married couple) who are not perfect but refuses to give up on each other.

Example: Your parents or grandparents that have endured & understand each other over the years.

STORGE: Love of the child:

This is a kind of love parents naturally feels for the children. It is based on feeling and unconditional love. It is bound with forgiveness, acceptance and sacrifices. Storge love makes you feel secure safe and comfortable.

Example: A mother’s love towards a child or childhood friendship.


Love is the antidote to fear – 1 John 4:18

Every little act of love you show to others has great reward – Matthew 25:40

Take advantage of the father’s love – Jeremiah 31:3

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