Pastor Fiefa Micah: Love Inspiration Volume 3 August 2018 Edition

Pastor Fiefa Micah Love Inspiration Volume 3 August 2018 Edition
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Excellent day People! Love Inspiration with Pastor Fiefa Micah Volume III July 2018 Edition.

How do you handle the storms in your relationship & marriage?

Storm refers to challenges, disturbed, destructive, unpleasant situations that you experience in your quest for love, relationship and marriages.

These are unforeseen or unplanned occurrence that happens in your every day to day activity. Now, when these happens the end result is always unpleasant or rather destructive.

Do you know that God doesn’t want you to go through life as though you’re helpless and handicapped? God wants you to take charge of every situation around you and do something about it. This brings us to the topic for this week:


You can calm that challenging situation in your relationship and marriage. You might be crying, “Father, don’t you see my situation? Do something” Hey Brothers and Sisters, you’re the one to do something, because He’s given you the power to turn challenging situations around for your good. It is written in the scriptures that Jesus spoke to wind and the sea/wind became calm – Mark 4:39. Just like Jesus, speak to that situation; declare peace over your relationship/marriage. Jesus calmed the storms with words. He said to the tempest, “Peace be still” and there was great calmness.

Revelation 5:10 says “and hast made us unto God Kings & Priest: and we shall reign on earth. You’re a King/Priest and you’re destined to reign on earth. Eccl. 8:4 says, where the word of a King is, there is power. You’re a King therefore reign with your words. Speak over that situation; make decree and declarations with your words. Make positive pronouncement into your future. If there’s an unpleasant, unplanned occurrence in your relationship/marriage, speak to it. Everything in life has intelligence, they will hear you. Jesus said in John 6:63 …the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

Refuse to speak unfruitful, idle and empty words. Speak life into your relationship/ marriage daily.


  • Take charge of every storm in your relation/marriage – Mark 4:39
  • You have the power to change challenging situation for your good – Eccl. 8:4
  • Make positive pronouncement/ declaration daily – John 6:63
  • Don’t quit your relationship because of the various storms of life.
  • Exercise your dominion in Christ daily- Gen. 1:28

PRAYER: Dear Lord, I declare today that I walk in dominion over the storms of life & over every challenging situation in my relationship/marriage. I am planted on a rock that’s higher and greater that every storm, Jesus Christ. Therefore, I’m not moved by what I see for I am a Victor in this life in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

God bless you abundantly


Pastor Fiefa Micah

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