EdTech startup deploys management solution in 1,300 African schools

EdTech startup deploys management solution in 1,300 African schools
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A Nigerian EdTech startup, Edves, has disclosed that its school management solution has been deployed in 1,300 schools in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

The Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Edves, Dimeji Falana said this at the 2022 Edves Catalyst programme. According to him, the company’s portal allows school owners to know school fee defaulters and set reminders among other things.

He said, “We decided to build the technology that will power schools so that as population increases, we’ll be able to have a system to manage learning delivery, administration, academics.

“There are schools that can actually manage maybe 100 students with pen and paper. By the time it gets to several 100 students the technology will be there to help to manage finance, to manage attendance, homework, lesson notes, and everything. And we are doing this with a vision of reimagining the education system generally and making learning simple.”

While speaking at the conference, some education experts said there was a need for a review of the nation’s education curriculum. They said the nation was running its education based on an old and obsolete curriculum but now needs a curriculum that will include the teaching of Information Technology from primary school.

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