That You Are A Musician Doesn’t Suddenly Make You A Worshiper.

That You Are A Musician
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That You are a Musician doesn’t suddenly make you a Worshiper. That you lead worship doesn’t make you a worshiper either. You can know all the hit worship songs and how to arrange them to move the people till they fall down and start crying and not be a worshiper.

Being a worshiper has nothing to do with being a Musician, Choir Director or Head of the Praise Team. But It has everything to do with putting GOD first, having deep intimate moments with GOD constantly, being in tune with God, obeying him. Therefore a Doctor can be a Worshiper, a Farmer can be a worshiper. A Banker can be a Worshiper. A Tailor can be a Worshiper. A lady who is tone-deaf and that guy who is deaf and dumb can be a Worshiper.

I don’t understand why we Musicians have stolen the word Worshiper to describe ourselves alone. Like it’s become our surname…Tommy Worship.. Hehehe. Let’s chill and think..

Many of the things we celebrate are things that should be the norm. You should pray, read your bible and have a strong secret place not because you’re going about ministering in Music but because you are a CHRISTIAN and a WORSHIPER. Those things are normal things Christians do. They are not special activities for Musicians.

So as you enter a new year, don’t think because you can sing JESU OBA MI or ONISE IYANU or MADE A WAY, you are a worshiper. Or because you can scream into the mic and people get into a frenzy and fall down or prostate while you sing, you are worshiper.. No. As a Christian when my God is being worshiped I should kneel down. That has nothing to do with who is singing. God can come into an auditorium regardless of you. You “may” be a liar leading worship and GOD will still come into that meeting because someone in the audience has been praying for days for a visitation and GOD will bypass you. Don’t get cocky. That healing that happened may not be because you were that Anointed.

Anyway GOD even uses Donkeys at times..

Develop your relationship with GOD. Be a Christian. Be a True Worshiper. Pray in tongues if you can. Read your bible. Meditate and obey.


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