Victoria Orenze Real Conversations “Holy Gist Part 3” Lovey-Dovey

Victoria Orenze - Holy Gist Part 3 (Lovey-Dovey Yet Spiritual)
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Watch the Victoria Orenze real conversations tagged “Holy Gist Part 3” Lovey-Dovey Yet Spiritual.

The Lord Jesus wants to heal our marriages as Christians, He wants Christian couples to enjoy in full what He created. Marriage between a man and a woman is a union created by God Himself to take away loneliness and to allow deep intimacy between two people that they become one flesh. We are therefore not living up to God’s standard when our marriages as Christians are void of romance, intimacy, affection, friendship, fun, happiness and good lovemaking.

These are all tools put in place by God to help us enjoy to the fullest this lifetime union. If God has ordained two people to do life together in this part of eternity be rest assured that He has created within that union all we need to enjoy ourselves, have ultimate fun and still achieve purpose together. Not to forget also the power that is available to us in that union when we are truly United. This is why the devil will lie to us and fight unity intimacy, friendship, happiness, fun, romance and love making in our marriages.

We need to restore truth to our marriages, truth in the person of Jesus Christ and truth in the context of how He has ordained for us to live. Restore the juice in your home, restore the fire not just in prayer but in love, restore the spark in your eyes and the flames in your heart towards your spouse, restore the affection, the intimacy, the joy, the love making and see how your prayers will become effective and your heavens open.

Watch these videos(they are 3 parts), and make sure you share and bring more people to watch as well so the healing can begin. Christians should have good fun, it is not a sin to, and you are within legal rights when you are married. God bless you as you watch, practice/do what you have learnt and share with others. Remember Faith without works is dead!

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