Love Inspiration: Age Disparity In Marriage “September Edition Volume 1”

Love Inspiration Age Disparity In Marriage
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Most relationship/marriages nowadays are based on finding happiness and not true love. I must confess, finding happiness or being happy is a great achievement in life but you can’t build a relationship/marriage with happiness alone. It needs a lot of work to keep it together, there’s no couple out there that doesn’t experience some sort of challenge which eventually gets settled later on. There’re different layers in a relationship/marriage that people tends to ignore and happiness is just one of them. This brings us to our topic for the week;


Going through life while searching for a perfect life time partner can be tough more so when it’s founded on a selfish purpose. Does age really matters when it comes to relationship/marriage? Well, age does matters in a way especially, when the gap is of a wide range. There’re statistics that backs up age difference but now let’s be a little neutral and realistic. Love is boundless and is ageless but understanding the reason behind it will help a great deal.

Some factors that necessitate age difference a relationship /marriage:

Happiness: Most times, people relate a state of being happy to falling in love; these are similar but two different things. Some people, when they fall in love they really do and that’s enough to last forever but happiness can only bring about the immediate feeling of satisfaction which only last for a time.

Insecurity: This is one of the factors people consider in a relationship/marriage. It is often said that when a person marries someone much older they tend to be looking for a parental figure or they’re insecure about themselves and are looking for security in someone much older.

Acceptance: When people suffer rejection in a previous relationship/marriage, it becomes a pointer in future which brings about looking for someone that will accept them the way they’re. Before running after that person that calls you those sweet names, ask yourself about the kind of relationship you want and try to comprehend if the person is compatible with you. Marriage they say is not a bed of Roses; it is something you have to work it out to enjoy.

They say ‘the brain and the heart will always be in a struggle and will be difficult to understand but in those times they do work together it can be a magical thing’,

  • Value your marriage/relationship –Hebrews 13:4
  • Build your relationship/marriage on the word of God and the trend of the society  – John 16:33
  • Be positive about your relationship/marriage – 2 Corinthians 4:16-18
  •  Be in love to stay in it – Luke 6:45
  • Love is boundless and ageless – Ruth 3:10-11, Jeremiah 29:11

PRAYER: Dear Lord, I declare today that my heart up always ready to gain positively love inspiration,  I  am let to stay focus by the spirit of God and I make the right decisions always in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

God bless you abundantly


Pastor Fiefa Micah

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